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Jack and Val's Story

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Repaying the kindness and compassion of Mater staff when they can afford to do so. 

This is one of many driving motivations behind the kindness of Mater Gift in Will supporters, Jack and Val Miller.  

As a public patient unable to afford ongoing private health cover, Jack was overwhelmed with the support he received by Dr Timothy McMeniman and the healthcare team at Mater.

“Jack was a public patient and Dr (Timothy) McMeniman treated him really well… In some ways it repays them a little bit not having health insurance,” Val said. 

“They’ve been good to Jack, treating us as public patients when we couldn’t afford insurance at the time. Mater has looked after him.” 

Jack admits he isn’t the best patient Mater has set eyes on, such is his zest for life.  

At 87, the free-spirited motor enthusiast and Jack-of-all-trades says he will need to hand in his driver’s licence when he turns 90. 

That Mater was able to save the life of his cousin, after her heart stopped three times on the operating table after a horror road accident many years ago, is another reason behind Jack and Val’s generosity. 

Dr Malcolm Davison, a cardiologist at Mater Private, has also cared for Jack’s heart over the years. 

Giving to the area of greatest need is Jack and Val’s wish for their gift in Will to Mater. 

“… It doesn’t really matter where it goes, as long as it goes to someone in need,” Jack said. “My niece’s daughter had twins years ago at Mater, they were born premature, and the size of a John Eales football boot. You might even recall they had a photo of them alongside the football boot. They’re in their early 20s now.” 

“My nephew’s young son, Jack, was born with something wrong with his heart when he was a baby. He’s a real bundle of energy now, he’s excellent, a real mischief. They had to operate on him when he was just a few days old.” 

Writing a Will empowers you to reflect upon your achievements and values, consider your legacy and choose what you’d like to pass on to the next generation. It also offers a sense of fulfilment with the knowledge that you have honoured your values and – should you opt to do so – supported Mater’s ability to meet unmet community need.  

A Gift in your Will to Mater enables you to leave a lasting legacy, empowering people to live better lives through improved health and well-being. And you can be assured Mater’s mission will continue in the future – perhaps enhanced by your support.