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Costco to support Mater Little Miracles

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Costco North Lakes, Ipswich and Coomera are set to again support Mater Little Miracles with their annual fundraising campaign in-store kicking off in September! 

Rachel and Kieran were thrilled to find out they were expecting a baby girl. But at their 20-week scan, they received devastating news.

“We asked our family to come over, and through tears, we explained the diagnosis received. We learnt that our baby girl Saylor had a tumour on her spine.”

There was up to 40% chance Saylor wouldn't make it through the pregnancy.

Rachel was admitted to the Mater Mothers’ Hospital at just 28 weeks of gestation.

“My waters broke three days after being admitted. Saylor was born with a tumour twice her weight and was taken hours later to surgery.”

Saylor spent the next 77 days in Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit.

Rachel remembers the day she got to hold her little girl for the very first time:

“She was still ventilated and incredibly tiny. When I finally gave her first cuddle, she just seemed so fragile. At that moment, I let myself believe she would be okay.”

She ticked off milestones such as being extubated off the ventilator, and even doubling her weight!

Sadly, she also experienced lows.

“The doctor told us Saylor had stopped breathing twice overnight. 

“But thankfully, the Neopuff resuscitator brought my baby back to life.

"When you make a donation, that’s another baby you could save. It’s another life that gets to go on thanks to this vital equipment. Without it, Saylor wouldn’t be here."

Costco has been supporting Mater Little Miracles since 2015 and has raised more than $400,000 thanks to their generous staff and customers.

Your support helps babies like Saylor have access to state-of-the-art equipment like ventilators and resuscitators that helped keep her alive when her little lungs gave up.

Purchase your token from 1 September 2023 from participating stores; North Lakes, Ipswich and Coomera