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Nine Telethon is back in 2024 to make big little miracles happen

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The Nine Telethon will return in 2024, in support of Mater Little Miracles, helping to give our littlest Queenslanders the best possible start to life.  

The Nine Telethon will spotlight how Mater, Australia’s busiest maternity care provider, improves the health outcomes for mothers and babies by being a leader in neonatal critical care and maternal foetal medicine, while showcasing how Queenslanders can help.  


Each year, over 2,000 seriously ill and premature babies have to call Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) home, relying on cutting-edge specialist care, life-saving equipment and world-leading research. For many of them, just breathing is a struggle, with as many as six babies on mechanical breathing support at one time. 


With the generosity and support of Queenslanders, the Nine Telethon will ensure Mater Little Miracles can continue to help the most vulnerable little lives and support their loved ones, now and into the future. 


They include little lives like Lameck Rugato, who was born premature at just 23 weeks in a critical condition, weighing a tiny 610 grams and diagnosed with a chronic lung disease. 


Lameck’s mother, Night Rugato, who has spent over 100 days with her newborn son in Mater’s NCCU, said: “You never imagine this situation until it happens, and you pull on every bit of strength, like a superpower, to get through it. 


“We had to move little Lameck to Mater for the NCCU’s specialist equipment and care and their support has been incredible. We are grateful that Lameck is in the safest hands possible and we’re taking each day as it comes.” 


Managing Director of Nine Queensland and Nine Northern NSW, Kylie Blucher, said: “It’s wonderful to have the Nine Telethon marked in the 2024 calendar, ready to rally behind our tiniest yet toughest little Queenslanders. 


“Compassion, generosity and unwavering connection is deeply woven into Nine Telethon’s DNA, and we look forward to having Mater Little Miracles at the heart of it all. How special that the spirit and support of the Sunshine State can help save the lives of those facing the unimaginable.” 


Mater Foundation CEO, Andrew Thomas, said: “The Nine Telethon is a miracle in the making for Queensland’s sickest and smallest babies, and their families. We’re looking forward to sharing these real stories and celebrating the work of our talented and dedicated clinical teams who continue to deliver life-saving and life-changing care.  


“With Nine Queensland’s incredible support, we achieved a record-breaking $1.9 million for Mater’s recent Giving Day to deliver life-saving medical equipment, research, education and healthcare throughout Queensland.  


“Now, coming together for the Nine Telethon means our mission in delivering compassionate critical care to at-risk newborns, discovering ground-breaking maternal foetal medicine treatments and developing innovations through research and technology will enable us to reach new heights.  


“Creating hope for the babies and their families is a special opportunity. The sky’s the limit and the countdown is on.” 


The date for the 2024 Nine Telethon, in support of the Mater Little Miracles, will be announced early next year.