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Plantation Homes' House for Life sold!

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Amber Ward and Jed Adcock, former AFL Brisbane Lions captain and current assistant coach, are grateful to be ambassadors for Plantation Homes’ latest House for Life project.

The majestic four-bedroom home in Helensvale, sold at auction on 15 October, 2022 for $1,489,000, marked the ninth House for Life project undertaken by Plantation Homes where all proceeds are donated to Mater Little Miracles.

Amber and Jed proudly champion Plantation Homes’ incredible ongoing support of Mater’s tiniest and most vulnerable patients. They know just how invaluable the funds provided by this partnership truly is.

Both of Amber and Jed’s sons, Hugo and Freddie, were cared for at Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) before being healthy enough to go home.

Hugo was born in May 2020, 13 weeks premature and weighing just 940 grams, and spent 89 days in NCCU fighting for his life while Amber and Jed rode a heart-wrenching, emotional rollercoaster.

Freddie also required care at NCCU after being born three weeks premature at Mater in December, 2021.

“We’re forever grateful for what the NCCU and Mater did for us,” Jed said. “And it’s not just our family. It’s also every other family who have been in the same situation.”

This record sale was secured by Apollo Auctions director Justin Nickerson after a stellar marketing effort from the team at Coronis

A heartfelt thank you to Plantation Homes and all our partners, suppliers and trades who generously donated their time to build this majestic home!

Finally – congratulations to the proud new owners of the stunning 2022 House for Life!