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Gina Savage named Mater Foundation Community Hero

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In September 2022, we celebrated Gina Savage as a Mater Foundation Community Hero.

Gina’s drive to fight not only her personal battle but to help others in their fight against cancer made her an inspirational leader in the fight against melanoma.

In 2015, at the age of 20, Gina had a small lump removed from her scalp which began her ongoing battle against melanoma.

Gina had 60 lymph nodes, 17 melanoma tumours and both ovaries removed. At 27, she was infertile and going through menopause. Melanoma had taken away her ability to become a Mum.

But, Gina turned her heart-wrenching personal battle into an inspiring movement for change.

While undergoing continued trials for life-saving treatments, Gina bravely and selflessly devoted her energies and passion to advocate and fundraise for increased melanoma awareness, research and treatment.

She founded “Six Hour Project” to highlight the fact that one person dies every six hours from melanoma in Australia.

Through her determination to beat melanoma and tireless dedication to deliver large-scale fundraising events, Gina was a truly inspiring fundraiser for Mater Foundation.

Gina’s gala annual event in August, 2022 – “A Night for Melanoma”, hosted by Karl Stefanovic at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane- raised over $250,000.

Sadly, Gina passed away on Monday, 12 June 2023 following her brave battle with melanoma cancer.  

On behalf of a heartbroken Mater community, we extend our thoughts, love and prayers to Gina’s family, friends and all of her loved ones. 

Vale Gina (1995 – 2023)