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Julia Wu

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It is with great pleasure we celebrate Julia Wu who has been named a Mater Foundation Community Hero. 

Ms Julia Wu OAM of Tzu Chi Buddhist Compassion Relief Organisation has been conducting fundraising efforts for Mater Foundation over the past three decades resulting in close to $9 million in support. This has funded areas such as research fellowships; cranial facial surgery; equipment needs and research for Mater's Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU). 

One of the Tzu-Chi’s greatest legacies at Mater will be its contribution to the establishment of the New Life Centre in the 1990s (now the NCCU) amid radical advances in the treatment of premature babies. Over time, the unit has grown to become the biggest of its kind in the country, caring for more than 2,000 seriously ill and premature babies each year.

The organisation has continued to support the provision of new, world-leading technology and equipment since its inception, to ensure every baby receives the very best care possible.

The organisation has more recently proven instrumental in the realisation of Catherine’s House for Mothers, Babies and Families—Queensland’s first integrated peri-natal mental health unit which opens next year in the renovated Sisters of Mercy convent at South Brisbane.

Julia’s relationship with Mater began in November 1999 when she led Tzu Chi’s expansion in Australia and visited Mater Hospital. Julia met with Sister Angela Mary and offered to help Mater by way of donations, volunteering, and advocacy. A firm friendship developed between Julia and Sister Angela Mary, and to this day, Tzu Chi remains a constant, and growing, fundraising and support network to Mater Foundation.

Ms Julia Wu OAM is a Mater Foundation Patron and was recently honoured with receiving the Betty McGrath award for 2022 which acknowledges the significant contribution of a Mater Foundation supporter. 

Thank you Julia, we value your contribution!