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Why leave a gift?


By including a gift to Mater in your Will, you can make a huge impact in the lives of others, now and into the future. Once you have provided for your loved ones, you may wish to include a percentage of the remainder of your estate to Mater.

This will help so many others in need—from seriously ill and premature babies, to young adults, researchers searching for a cure for cancer, the elderly, homeless and many others.

It will save lives. Your gift will play a crucial role in ensuring Mater’s team of doctors, clinicians and other staff can continue to respond when and where they’re needed, as well as fund our researchers to discover better treatments and potential cures for diseases like cancer and diabetes that affect so many of our loved ones.

It creates a legacy. Leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most effective and long-lasting ways you can impact a cause that is close to your heart. Whether that’s caring for the tiniest babies, or finding a cure for cancer, your legacy will be remembered and will make a difference.

It's easy. It doesn't take long to make a difference—a simple Will can take as little as one hour to do.

It doesn't affect your lifestyle today. Making a decision to include a gift to Mater in your Will enables you to consider a gift that you might not be able to afford today, but would love to make if you could. And you can even discuss with the team at Mater how you would like your gift to be used, so you can fully appreciate its impact.

Want more information about leaving a gift in your Will? Click here to read about how you can leave a gift to Mater Foundation in your Will.

We’re happy to discuss with you the many ways you can add Mater Foundation to your Will, to ensure that your bequest will achieve what you want it to. For a confidential discussion, call our Donor Liaison Manager on 07 3163 8000 or complete our online form below.

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