Suggested Will wording

What wording do I need to include in my Will?

When you decide to leave a bequest to Mater Foundation Queensland, a clause may be inserted in your Will using the following wording:

I give and bequeath to Mater Foundation Limited as Trustee for Mater Foundation, 14 Stratton Street, Newstead QLD 4006. 

( # Description of Gift_____________________)

( ** for the use of _______________________)

I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or other appropriate Officer of the said company shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustees who will not be obliged to see the use of such funds.

# Insert type of gift for example "the residue of my estate/ a percentage of my estate (after you look after family members)/ a specific sum of money or specific items".

**Specified area of the Mater Hospitals’ nominated or 'Foundation' if you wish the Mater Foundation to designate funds to where it's needed most.

Mater Foundation Limited ABN 96 723 184 640

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